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Science & Humanities


The department endeavors to stimulate and augment the student’s knowledge of Basic Science, thereby endow them with skills to excel as professionals.


The Department flourishes every student in our campus to be acknowledged as the best in the world. The Department makes every effort to focus towards intellectual perspectives, to enhance technical and communication skills.

  • To create an ambience, in which new ideas and ethical values to enrich the overall personality by behavioral training programs.
  • To provide wide ranging support where students are urged to develop their professional skills.
  • To draw the best expertise in science and technology to impart overall training to students in visualizing, synthesizing and executing projects.


Department of Science and Humanities

     Department of Science and Humanities offers courses of study on basic Physical Science, Chemistry, Mathematics and English language during the first year of the four year course in Engineering and Technology. Students perusing Engineering courses should undergo study of basics in sciences, since Engineering is nothing but the application of science. Mathematics is the language for studying science and Engineering and hence its importance. Study of English, an international language, helps the students to improve the language skill both in writing and communication. Such courses offered in the department are designed and conducted in such a way that the requirements for meeting the challenges in the field of professional study such as engineering and technology is met with and the students are inducted easily into such courses. The department of Science and Humanities, in fact, lays a solid foundation for studying Engineering and Technology.


Core courses offered in the S&H Department

  1. Technical English (I&II semesters)
  2. Engineering Mathematics (I, II and higher semesters)
  3. Engineering Physics (I&II semesters)
  4. Engineering Chemistry (I&II semesters)

In addition to these courses, students must undergo basic courses in Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, Computer Programming etc during the first year (Semester I and II).



  1. Well equipped very spacious Physics, Chemistry, Computer  laboratories.
  2. The language laboratory is equipped with Multimedia System with latest software.
  3. Communication skill through Wi–Fi technology
  4. Library with sufficient number of Titles in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English
  5. Personal attention and academic support given to each and every student
  6. Continuous Evaluation of the students through regular test and examinations.
  7. Members of faculty are well qualified, well experienced and commitment
  8. Students are given support academically and otherwise for presenting papers in Seminars, Symposia, Conferences, etc.,
  9. Students are encouraged to attend Seminars, Symposia, Workshops, etc at Regional and National level.