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Diploma in Petro Chemical Engineering

Activities related to the extraction
of gas or minerals in today's world.


Petro Chemical engineering is one of the finest branches of engineering which deals with the production of chemicals, bio chemicals, nonmaterial, fuel cell and etc. Petro Chemical engineering course mainly involves design of chemical manufacturing equipments like reactors, distillation, absorption and extraction columns using computer software. In addition, safety and environmental pollution control also are being dealt. The chemical engineering diploma graduates have got good opportunity in chemical industries, research organization, food and bio chemicals and other related industries like paints, polymers, pharmaceuticals and etc.


Department of Petrochemical Engineering in diploma shall strive for the development and transfer of technical competence in academics through formal and non formal education, entrepreneurship, and quality research to meet the challenges of an ever expanding and globalized world



  • Engineering knowledge: Apply the knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals and Petroleum engineering specialization to provide solution for complex Petroleum engineering problems in society, institutions, academia and research.
  • Problem analysis: Identify and analyze the design of various complex petroleum engineering problems in evaluating static and dynamic models of subsurface reservoirs to draw substantiated inferences using theoretical and practical applications in petroleum fields.
  • Design and development: An ability to efficiently estimate the resource/reserve and produce the crude oil and natural gas from subsurface to meet specified needs with appropriate constraints such as public health, safety, cultural, and environmental considerations.
  • Conduct investigations: Identify problems in upstream, midstream and downstream (entire value chain) and use research-based knowledge and methods, including design, analysis and interpretation of data pertaining to petroleum field and synthesize of the information to provide valid
  • Engineer and society: To establish close linkages with petroleum industries to train and conduct research at the university relevant to fulfill the needs of the society at national and global levels.
  • Environment and sustainability: Graduates will become familiar with environmentally sound exploration, evaluation and recovery of hydrocarbons from the earth by considering the responsibilities relevant to professional engineering
  • Multidisciplinary approach: An ability to work in multidisciplinary domain of petroleum industry and effectively communicate the various aspects of petroleum with the technical and non-technical
  • Ethics: To think ethically and apply its principals in professional engineering practices in unbiased and fair
  • Individual and teamwork: Develop individual thinking with effective contribution and function as a cohesive team member or leader in diverse and multidisciplinary professional


  • Assistant Plant Manager
  • Maintenance Assistant
  • Chemical Analyst
  • Reservoir Maintenance
  • Software Analyst
  • Production Officer
  • Operation Engineer
  • Dispatch Officer
  • Process Engineer
  • Technical Assistant
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