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Electrical and Electronics Engineering in Sree Sakthi Engineering College is the place to be in, for those who love working with electrical systems-ranging from heavy power generators to the smallest of micro-chips. The students will get extensive exposure to software simulation of power system, fault analysis, design of building automation systems, saving power control circuit design and microcontroller programming. EEE graduates will have the opportunity to work in power plants, processing industries, aerospace, telecommunication, robotics, broadcasting, computer engineering, nuclear engineering or system analytics. The department is equipped with excellent laboratory facilities and qualified faculty members with excellent academic records. The students from the department emerge as sound Professionals serving the society through technology.



- Electrical Engineers

The Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2010 and offers four year degree course leading to Bachelor degree in Electrical & Electronics Engineering affiliated to Anna University, Chennai. The Department is committed to excel in Electrical and Electronics Engineering through education and research with well-qualified and experienced faculty members. The department is having strong association with industries to uplift the student’s practical knowledge. With the ever growing demand of Electrical Engineers in all sectors, the EEE Department is making best efforts to give the society highly knowledgeable, trained and capable engineers who have hands on experience and would be ready to face challenges of the real world. Our main aim is to practice the students with model based education and bring the students with industry ready engineers.

The department transforms students to pursue higher education & research apart from empowering them with training for campus placement. We continue to play a leading role in our discipline which leads us towards creating innovative and effective professional graduate community to provide continuous learning.

We provide ample opportunities to our faculty and students, through in -house trainings, workshops and trainings outside the college campus for further growth and development in their areas of expertise.


To produce dynamic, competent, knowledgeable Electrical Engineers who shall lead a Nation to a better future by establishing the strong teaching and research environment.


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