Anti Ragging Committee

Ragging in any form is totally prohibited in and outside the campus of Sree Sakthi Engineering College. It is the objective of every member of SSEC community consisting of the Management, Faculty and Staff members as well as all students and their parents/guardians to make the College a ‘Ragging free’ Institution and ensure a conducive environment for freshers to adapt to the changes that the college life may demand on them and grow up along with their seniors.

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S. No. Name Designation Department
1 Dr.N.Prasannan CEO ECE
2 Prof. P.Malarvizhi DEAN EEE
3 Dr.S.Saravanan HOD CSE
4 Dr. P.Saravanan HOD ECE
5 Dr.M.Karthikeyan  HOD EEE
6 Dr. K.Nandagopal HOD MECH
7 Dr. K. Prabhu HOD CIVIL
8 Mrs. V. Deepa HOD S & H
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