Department of Information Technology

About the Department

The Department of Information Technology started in the year 2023 and offers B.Tech. In this era of digital world, the IT department offers an excellent atmosphere for students to learn and acquire the necessary skills as demanded by the industry.

The field of Information Technology (IT) covers the design, administration and support of computer and telecommunications systems. The majority of career tracks in IT entail design and operational tasks related to computer hardware components, networks and software applications.

Professionals in the IT field work with business and organizations to set up and support viable computer networks that will keep systems efficient and reliable. IT encompasses all hardware and software used in the storing, creation and accessing of information. Technologies that professionals work with are firewalls, databases, media storage devices, networks and the Internet.

Aspiring IT professionals typically need a bachelor's degree in technology field, such as computer science, information systems management, programming or networking. The fundamentals of a degree program generally include computer hardware, programming, networking, and technical theory. Depending on the Major, students could also learn IT management, website development, computer circuitry, system analysis and database management.

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The department of Information Technology envisions to create groomed, technically competent and skilled intellectual IT professionals from all over the world to meet the current challenges of the modern computing industry.

It commits to foster a community of inclusive excellence through strategic leadership and service of the highest quality.


Information Technology provides innovative and sustainable technologies through strategic partnerships and community engagement to advance our institution’s commitment to the greater good.

It delivers excellence through establishment of inclusive talent development.

We elevate technology innovation to enable research, teaching and learning

To provide technical solutions in the field of Information Technology to the local society.

To provide needbased quality training in the field of Information Technology.

Job Opportunities

Database and Network administrators

Computer support specialists

Computer Scientists

Software Programmers

System Analysts

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