Department of Science & Humanities

Department of Science & Humanities


The Department of Science and Humanities started functioning from the very inception of the institution. It aims at providing competitive quality education and support the students to set basic intense foundation in all the branches of Engineering. It is a multidisciplinary department and started functioning in the year 2000 with a team of dedicated faculty members who have been actively engaged in imparting quality teaching of the courses in basic science and humanities for graduating engineering students.

The core courses being offered- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, English and Environmental science. All the disciplines in the department exist as a separate division and maintain individual identity. Besides OUTCOME BASED EDUCATION, the department inculcates VALUE BASED EDUCATION. Developing the moral behaviour among the students, utilizing the human resources and co-ordinating academic responsibilities are the exclusive potentials of the department.

The department has spacious and best equipped laboratories in Physics, Chemistry and English. The department aims to transfer the younger generation into responsible citizens and aspires to lead the budding engineers towards the path of success. It seeks to sustain and enhance excellence in an institution of higher learning of technology. It is committed to produce competent graduates with the suitable skills required for industry and market place adding to provide better communication skills and societal obligations. To expose the students to the latest trends in relevant subjects, the department organizes a series of guest lectures every academic year. To keep abreast with the latest demands of the industry the department strives to impart various skills like communication skills, technical skills, soft skills and essential life skills to the young aspirants of the institution. The department is committed to provide innovative and high quality instruction that empowers students to become confident in facing personal and professional life challenges.


Rural students' upliftment through exceptional Placement


To become an institute of great reputation in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Humanities, by offering a full range of programmes of global standard to foster research, and to transform the students into globally competent personalities


To provide opportunities to the students and bring out their inherent talent

To establish the Center of Excellence in the emerging areas of research

To inculcate entrepreneurial attitude amongst the students and to provide a platform to start their own start-ups in the relevant fields

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Welcome to the Department of Science and Humanities, where a dynamic team of over 30 experienced faculty members is dedicated to fostering innovation in academics and research. Headed by Mrs. V. Deepa, an accomplished academician with an impressive educational background, the department is committed to delivering value-based technical education. Mrs. V. Deepa holds undergraduate and postgraduate degrees from Vellalar College for Women and a Master of Philosophy from Madurai Kamaraj University. With a remarkable 15+ years of teaching experience and an additional two years serving as a principal, her expertise in the field of English Literature is the driving force behind the department's success.

Deepa mam's vision for the department is clear—to unlock the vast potential of students, refine their skills to perfection, and shape them into professional leaders with a strong academic foundation. Embracing a learner-centric approach and employing advanced pedagogic methods, she aims to instill a mindset in students that prepares them for the challenges of the ever-evolving technical world. Under her guidance, the Department of Science and Humanities is dedicated to enhancing knowledge, promoting critical thinking, and empowering students with the ability to analyze technical information. The department's mission is to equip every individual in our ever-changing society with the skills and mindset needed to thrive in the technical landscape.

At the helm of this vibrant and forward-thinking department, Mrs. V. Deepa is leading the way towards a brighter future for our students. The relentless pursuit of academic excellence, coupled with a focus on research and innovation, defines the ethos of the Department of Science and Humanities. Join us on this journey of transformation and empowerment.

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Chemistry Laboratory

Engineering courses are being successful in a productive way with practical cum theoretical understanding. Every student as an engineer has aspiration towards laboratory classes. To design and execute the manufacturing products, students need knowledge and productive skills. Working in laboratories is the first hands-on experience to acquire their goals in career. Moreover basic science laboratory satisfies these practical learning skills in physics and chemistry.

Chemistry laboratory is well equipped with all basic facilities up to the level of engineering decorum. It includes the major equipments like:


Flame Photometer

Muffle furnace

Conductivity meter


pH meter Water distillation units

Steam distillation units

Magnetic stirrer

Melting point apparatus etc....

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Physics Laboratory

It aids a student in establishing the relevance of the theory

It brings clarity in the mind of the students regarding the basic concept of the subject

It brings clarity in the mind of the students regarding the basic concept of the subject

Students understand the difference between theory and application

This helps a student in improvising his/her approach towards the subject

Experiments carried out in Physics laboratory help students in learning, how to be patient and careful while taking observation and calculating inference

Research is everything in science. Without research, science would get stagnated and in our lab setup where a student learns how to be a researcher

The lab provides modest experiments that allow the students to develop and improve their experimental technique and data analysis

The students will be able to gain knowledge about:

Torsional pendulum - Determination of rigidity modulus of wire and moment of inertia of regular and irregular objects

Simple harmonic oscillations of cantilever

Non-uniform bending - Determination of Young’s modulus

Uniform bending – Determination of Young’s modulus

Laser- Determination of the wave length of the laser using grating

Air wedge - Determination of thickness of a thin sheet/wire

a) Optical fibre -Determination of Numerical Aperture and acceptance angle
b) Compact disc- Determination of width of the groove using laser

Acoustic grating- Determination of velocity of ultrasonic waves in liquids

Ultrasonic interferometer – determination of the velocity of sound and compressibility of liquids

Post office box -Determination of Band gap of a semiconductor

Photoelectric effect

Michelson Interferometer

Melde’s string experiment

Experiment with lattice dynamics kit

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Association activities
1 Workshop on LIV: A Skill and Attitude Building 12.06.2023 to 17.06.2023 Mr. Musee Pugazhendhi, Life Skill Trainer, Pondicherry
2 One Day FDP on Time for Depressed Upskilling Program 18.06.2023 Mr. Musee Pugazhendhi, Life Skill Trainer, Pondicherry
3 International Yoga Day 21.06.2023
Dr. T. Mayilsamy, BNYS,MD(Y) Happy Life Yoga Centre, Coimbatore
Dr. L. G. Anildev, BNYS Founder, Magizhchi Nature Cure and Yoga Clinic, Coimbatore
Dr. Rasika Kaviprasath, President, Naturopathy and Yoga specialist AYVIKA Yoga and Naturopathy Care, Coimbatore
4 Project Expo on Engineers’ Day 15.09.2023 Mr. K. Udhayakumar, Advisor, Libra Industries
5 Inauguration of Ramanujan Initiative Club (An Exclusive Club for Developing Mathematical Skills) 22.12.2023 Dr. L. Mary Louis, Professor – Mathematics, School of Data Science, Kumaraguru College of Liberal Arts and Science, Coimbatore
6 Workshop on Recent Developments of materials in Industry Application 06.01.2024 Dr. R. Muralidharan, Associate Professor, Department of Materials Physics, Saveetha University, Chennai
Students’ Achievements (2022-2023)
1 National Level Technical Symposium” VAHANA V6 “ Participated S. Subin Rijo
2 DHRUVA 2023 Participated S. Subin Rijo
3 Project Expo First Prize N. Mageshwaran
R. Vigneshwaran
S. Kavimalar
A.S. Sridhanya
M. Kishore
4 Project Expo Second Prize S. Harish
P. Vasanthakumar
M. Shanmugam
J. Akash
5 Project Expo Third Prize B. Kaviya
R. Hema
I. Parathvaraj
S. Mukesh