Library Facilities

Library Facilities

To promote a spirit of continuous learning among the students, SSEC assures peaceful and enriching hours inside the Library. One of the major highlights of the Library is that of having a spacious reading area as well as digital learning zone with the large seating capacity of 200. The library includes a large number of books both national and international sources. It has 20470 volumes under 15493 titles of books and 9329 E-books. The library has a wide range of subscription of 150 printed Journals, 2078 E-Journals and 30 Magazines. The aim of the Library is to serve the needs of our Faculty, Research Scholars, Students and Members of the Library in all areas of education especially academic and research oriented. The library resource center is fully automated using IMPRES ERP software. Through this, students and staff members can search any book by its author, title, accession number, publisher or subject heading and also can check its availability. Each student is given four library books at a time, and each department has specially allocated library hours per week. 


The library will be kept open from 8.00 am to 6.00 pm on all working days

All the users should register their details in the software system in order to become the member of the college library

Students should come to the library in proper dress code

All the students must sign-in the Gate Register before entering into the library

Students must keep their belongings outside

All the users can take down any reference notes from the Reference Books /Text Books, Journals, Magazines, Newspapers, Back Volumes or Project Reports in the sheets provided by the library authorities

Strict silence must be observed in and around the library premises. Consultation, discussions or unnecessary chatting is prohibited. The Librarian is vested with the discretion of refusing issue of the books to students indulging in such activities

Usage of Mobile phones is strictly prohibited inside the library

The facility of searching any book using DELNET is available

Students should handle the books in a proper way

Marking / Underlining / Scribbling in the pages of the book is strictly prohibited

The students should check the books at the time of issue and if they find any damage, it should be reported then and there to the librarian. Otherwise the last borrower will be solely responsible for damage or loss and shall be liable to pay compensation as per the discretion of the librarian

Folding/ tearing off the pages or underlining will be seriously viewed and heavy penalty will be imposed

The Librarian reserves the right to recollect any book at any time

Reference books must be used inside the library only

After using the Books/ Journals/ Magazines, they must be replaced in their proper places

Staff members, who get relieved in future, are being informed personally to return the borrowed books and clear the library dues. Members are not allowed to transfer the borrowed books to the names of the existing staff members

Department Books
S & H 6995
EEE 8770
ECE 9857
CSE 10236
CIVIL 6112
Total Subject Books 49593
General Category Books
Q & A Books 6223
Old Project Records 3891
Gate Books 3028
Story Books 4129
Journals 6078
Department Library Books 7628
Total Books 30977
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