Fitness Center

"Physical fitness is not only the most important key to a healthy body, but also it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity" - John F. Kennedy
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Apt to this quote, SSEC Fitness centre promotes its students to stay fit and healthy in all ways and means. It is greatly outfitted with hi-tech gym equipments and spacious work-out area with pleasant ventilation. There is a mini refreshment spot inside the centre to get relaxation after tiresome workouts. The centre holds treadmill, exercise bikes and other latest body building equipments in order to make the students to get into powerpacked training. Students can utilize the facilities during morning and evening hours.
Through regular exercise, students can get numerous health benefits like improving their focus and concentration level, reducing their stress, stimulating brain functions and strengthening their muscles and bones. Students hitting the gym fruitfully increases their positivity and always making them feel good.