Achievers' Day Celebration

Achievers' Day Celebration
Date : 30-03-2024
Venue : Seminar Hall
Time : 3.00pm-3.40pm


SSEC celebrated Achievers' Day, a hallmark event designed to honor the exceptional talents, academic excellence, and extracurricular triumphs of both students and staff. This year’s ceremony was particularly remarkable, recognized a broad spectrum of achievements that spanned top performances in internal assessments, outstanding paper presentations, sports victories, innovative staff publications, and the vibrant contributions of the BIS Club members.
"Diploma and Engineering Internal Assessment-1 Toppers"


A significant highlight of the event was the recognition of the Internal Assessment-1 Toppers from both the Diploma and Engineering streamlines. The students showcased exceptional academic prowess, setting an admirable benchmark in their respective departments.


Diploma Wing Toppers: Acknowledged across all six departments for their academic excellence.
Engineering Department Toppers: III and IV year students across all departments got shortlisted for their outstanding performance.

"Guest of Honor"

Dr. G. Jayaprakash (Principal, Engineering courses) and Mr. M. Sathyamoorthi (Principal, Diploma courses) bestowed the awards to the toppers respectively.
Paper Presentation, Sports, and BIS Club Achievements
Paper Presentation Winners
Students (3 in no.) who distinguished themselves in National-level paper presentation competitions were honored for their innovative research and compelling presentation skills.
Sports Activity Winners
Athletes and sports teams who achieved top honors in recent meets were celebrated for their physical prowess and sportsmanship, showcasing the diverse talents and excellence.
BIS Club Achievers
Members of the BIS Club who significantly contributed to the club’s objectives were honored with cash prizes, recognizing their dedication and excellence in various initiatives.
Recognition of Staff Achievements
A special segment of the event was dedicated to acknowledging the staff's contributions to academia and research.
Journal Publications: Staff members who contributed valuable knowledge to their fields through published articles were recognized.
Patent Rights: Innovators who successfully acquired patents were honored for their groundbreaking work.
Conference Publications: Faculty who presented/published papers at conferences, thereby enhancing the institution's reputation, were acknowledged.

Prize Distribution Ceremony

>>Dr. N. Prasannan (Young and Dynamic CEO of SSEC) whose motivational words inspired the awardees.
>>Prof. P. Malarvizhi (Dean of SSEC) who played a pivotal role in acknowledging the achievements across the board.


Achievers' Day is a testament to the pursuit of excellence that defines our institution. It is a day of pride, celebration, and inspiration, recognizing the hard work and dedication of both students and staff. As we applaud their achievements, we also look forward to the continued success and innovation they will bring to their respective fields.